Snoop Lion?

Bad boy rapper Snoop Dogg, made famous by his album ‘Doggystyle’ in 1993 which helped raise the profile of gangsta rap within the music industry, is taking on a new nick-name: Snoop Lion. The rapper who helped the harrowing-sounding Death Row Records become popular seems to now have had a change of heart, perhaps more aptly described…


Spotify valuation surges to $4 billion

Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service, has been recently valued at $4 billion in the latest round of financing. It has nearly doubled its previous assessment of $2.2 billion in 2011. The fast-growing digital music service, launched in 2008 and operated by businessman Daniel Ek, offers streaming from a range of major and independent record labels including Sony,…


Music artists un-knowingly help Christian Louboutin secure trademark

It was announced on September 5th that Christian Louboutin has aquired a monopoly on high-heeled red-soled shoes. ‘We…conclude that Louboutin’s trademark, consisting of a red, lacquered outsole on a high fashion woman’s shoe, has acquired limited “secondary meaning” as a distinctive symbol that identifies the Louboutin brand… We limit the trademark to uses in which the red outsole contrasts…


New regulations in

The Live Music Act 2012 will come into force in its entirety on 1 October 2012 by virtue of the Live Music Act 2012 (Commencement) Order 2012. The Act makes a number of amendments to the Licensing Act 2003 relating to the performance of live music. It amends section 177 of, and Schedule 1 to,…


Don’t profit from the dead

Michael Jackson’s estate has launched an action against a fan who sought to profit from his image. Howard Mann had previously registered and used websites like and The websites featured Jackson’s property, including the song “Destiny,” and images from the posthumous live documentary film “This Is It”. US District Judge said ” There…


Jessie J and Domino in copyright dispute

Jessie J has been accused of copyright infringment by Will Loomis and parts of his tune Bright Red Chords.  In particular, Loomis claims the melody for the verses to be substantially similar.

Loomis is of course looking for damages and the sum is believed to be in the sum of  US$150,000.

Betcha the claim is settled before it gets to trial!